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Membership Fees


Junior Membership                                                                                    $225.00

Junior memberships are available to all youth to the age of 17.

Junior members are NOT allowed to play golf on Wednesdays.

Juniors MUST be accompanied by an adult to golf on weekends.


Individual-Young Adult Membership                                                       $275.00

Must be currently in college and provide student identification or proof thereof to qualify for this membership. For individuals 18-23 years of age.


Individual-Women Membership                                                               $275.00

          Unlimited Golf for Adult Women

Individual-Men Membership                                                                     $475.00

Unlimited Golf for Adult Men    

Senior Membership                                                                                     $425.00

Unlimited golf for members over 65 years of age  


2 Person Family Membership                                                                    $700.00

Unlimited golf for 2 people living in the same household, unless any are minors, then junior membership rules apply.

2 Person Senior Family Membership                                                        $650.00

Unlimited golf for 2 seniors living in the same household.  Both people must qualify for senior membership.

Family Membership                                                                                    $850.00

Unlimited golf to parents and children that qualify for junior membership.  Junior membership rules apply.


Corporate Membership                                                                            $3200.00

           See clubhouse for details.


*Rates do not include tax.

 Wednesday’s are recognized as members only. May 1st – September 18th.

No Junior members or minors are allowed on the course,

Women on the course till 12:00pm, Men from 12:00pm until closing.





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